Through A Network Of Wonderful Home Boarders We Provide Home Dog Boarding Services Across Sussex


Through our network of Home Boarders we can provide dogs with a home-from-home environment whenever their owners are away.   All Home Boarders are members of our club and contracted to K9 Home Boarding. Owners always meet a Home Boarder before leaving their dog with them.  Much as they might want to, owners can't always take their dogs away with them and although some dogs adapt well to kennels and seem to enjoy their stay others have problems when deprived of regular human contact.

For a dog that's used to their owner being around all or most of the time, even the shortest stay in a kennel might be an unpleasant and/or upsetting experience. We try to place a dog with a Home Boarder who lives near to the owner but that's not always possible - nor is it the main consideration.

What's really important is placing a dog with the most suitable Home Boarder in terms of experience, family situation, size and location of their property. If you're thinking of using K9 Home Boarding - and we hope you do - please provide as much notice as possible allowing sufficient time to complete our forms and visit the Home Boarder. Our Home Dog Boarding service has been enjoyed by many hundreds of dogs since 2011 but we're always looking for ways to improve our service. 

Please remember our Home Boarders only look after one or a maximum of two dogs from one owner at any time and some of our regular clients book up to a year in advance to secure their favourite Home Boarder before booking their holiday - so if you're a dog owner reading this please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Our Home Boarders

WE NEED HELP - as our business continues to expand we need to recruit new Home Boarders.  So if you know anybody who has their own home and secure garden, no longer has a dog of their own and misses the companionship - please ask them to contact us for more information about Home Dog Boarding in Sussex.

Call our Head Office on 01903 232822