K9 Home Boarding

We charge a one-off membership fee of £15 payable when you confirm your first booking.

Boarding rates are £26 per 24 hours for 1 dog and £40 per 24 hours for 2 dogs.

50% supplement applies between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

Initial information from dog owners


DETAILS OF YOUR 2ND DOG (if applicable)

When do you need your dog(s) looked after?

* From (Date and Times)

* To (Date and Times)

From (Date and Times)

To (Date and Times)

Additional Information

* Would your dog(s) be happy with a host who has a cat?

*Would your dog(s) be happy to stay with a family where there were children? (No children would be under school age.)

*Is your dog(s) used to being walked on a lead?

*Do they pull on the lead?

Where does your dog usually sleep?

* Are your dog’s annual vaccinations up to date? - (If ‘Yes’ when where they last given? – Please see below)

* Is your dog currently insured? (If "Yes" please provide insurance details)

* Does your dog/s have a health condition that requires medical treatment?

* Does your dog have a collar with name-tag? (Unless they’re a working dog this is a legal requirement.)

How would you describe your dog’s character and habits? i.e. fun loving, energetic, squirrel chaser, cat chaser, food thief, scrounger, nervous dog, lap sitter etc. Please provide as much information as possible as this will help us find an appropriate host.

What would you say is the best thing about your dog/s?

What would you say is the worst thing about your dog/s?

* Where did you get our information from or how did you find out about K9 Home Boarding?


During my absences, K9 Home Boarding will be providing home dog boarding for my dog(s). They have my permission to transport my dog(s) to and from your practice and request treatment as is deemed necessary. I authorise you to treat my dog(s) and to give out any information about my dog(s) to Anna Bryant of K9 Home Boarding


If you’d like to tell us more about your dog(s) in relation to our Terms & Conditions please use the following box.

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Call our Head Office on 01903 232822

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