Frequently Asked Questions About Our Home Dog Boarding Service

We hope this helps you to decide whether the Home Dog Boarding Service provided by K9 is right for you and your canine family member.

Will my dog(s) be the only one staying with the Home Boarder?

Yes - none of our Home Boarders have dogs of their own

Do You Accept All Dogs?

We do not accept puppies under six months old, incontinent dogs, dogs that chew furniture or cause damage to household or personal items. Should there be damage caused by a dog in a host's home the dog owner must reimburse the host for the cost of replacing the item(s). Dogs must be well behaved when walked on a lead and not show aggressive behaviour to other dogs or people.

Does My Dog Need To Be Vaccinated?

Ideally yes, but we know some dog owners are opposed to vaccinations and prefer homeopathic remedies. Although your dog will not be in direct contact with other dogs he or she should ideally always have annual vaccinations to protect against infection and disease. Your dog should also be regularly wormed and treated for fleas before being placed in one of our Boarders's homes.

What Do I Need To Take To A Home Boarder For My Dog's Holiday?

In addition to their food or treats you should take everything to ensure your dog's comfort. This must include their food, leads or harness, bowls and any bedding or cage they regularly use. It could also include: chews, towels, toys, poo bags and regular medication with clear instructions (medication must also have been noted on the K9 Home Boarding forms).

Will My Dog Be Exercised Off Lead?

Sorry, the answer to this question is no. It's our policy that dogs are never let off a lead and we also have to consider our business insurance cover. Some clients are prepared to supply an extension lead for exercise purposes but Home Boarders will not exercise dogs on extending string type leads.

Do I Meet The Home Boarder Before The Booking Starts?

Yes, in fact we insist you meet the Home Boarder before a booking starts. If you're unhappy or uncomfortable with the Home Boarder we have introduced you to please let us know as soon as possible so we can identify another Home Boarder for you and your dog. Of course this is a two-sided process and it's possible the Home Boarder may not be confident or comfortable enough to provide a holiday home for your dog(s) and in this event we will try to identify a Home Boarder who is.

What Happens If My Dog Is Unwell Or Injured While I'm Away?

Our Home Boarders have emergency numbers so they can contact the owners of K9 Home Boarding 24-hours a day. In the event of an emergency one of the business owners will normally collect the dog and if possible take it to their regular veterinary practice. If the regular vet does not operate a 24-hour service the dog will be taken to a local practice that does. All costs of the emergency treatment will be charged to the owner. You'll be contacted on the emergency number you have left and regularly updated on your dog's situation and progress.

What Happens If I want To Cancel My Booking?

Where notice of cancellation is within two weeks of the booking start date there will be a cancellation charge of 25% of the full invoice value with a minimum cancellation fee of two days normal rate (£48 for one dog and £72 for two dogs). It is often possible to claim cancellation charges from your holiday travel insurance.

Does your insurance cover any damage my dog causes?

K9 Home Boarding have Employer Liability and Third Party Insurance BUT this does not cover damage in a Home Boarder's house. If your dog(s) were to attack a third party our insurance is likely to cover the costs. If your dog(s) slips their lead/harness and causes a Road Traffic accident our insurance may well cover the cost but our insurance does not cover the cost of damage they cause to our Home Boarder's house. Home Boarders will take steps to avoid damage from enthusiastically wagging tails for example but if your dog decides to chew up their new leather three piece suite the damage cannot be recovered by our insurance. We respectfully suggest you check your dog(s) insurance cover if you think this is likely to be an issue.

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