K9 Home Boarding Terms & Conditions

These are our Terms and Conditions for dog owners. Please read through them carefully and let us know if there’s anything that you or your dog(s) can’t comply with. Some of our Home Boarders are happy to have puppies and less than perfectly behaved dogs stay with them but we need to know about any problems or specific habits in advance so we can brief our Home Boarders and find the best Home Boarder and holiday home for your dog(s).

1.- My dog:

Is obedient and is not aggressive to people or other dogs.
Does not chew or damage items in the home.
Has undergone basic obedience training and is used to living in a domestic environment, i.e. it is not a “farm” or “outside living” dog.
Is fully house trained and does not suffer from incontinence (excepting the odd accident).
Does not usually climb on furniture or sleep on beds.
Has a collar that fits properly (i.e. he/she cannot escape from it!) and a lead which is strong enough for him/her that’s in good condition. 
PLEASE NOTE: No dog will be walked on a string extending lead.

2.- If my dog or dogs are ill or suffer injury during my absence:

K9 Home Boarding will take him/her to a vet. I agree to pay the full cost of the veterinary visit and treatment, including transportation, travel costs and emergency treatment, (substantiated by receipts).
I authorise K9 Home Boarding to take any reasonable decision in the care of my dog(s) during my absence if they cannot directly contact me. K9 Home Boarding will always attempt to contact me and/or my named emergency contact based on the information I have supplied prior to any action being taken.

3.- I accept responsibility for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to the K9 Home Boarder or any other persons by my dog(s).  I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless K9 Home Boarding in the event of a claim by any person injured by my dog(s).

4.- My dog has regular flea and/or tick treatment that will be up to date prior to leaving him/her with a carer.   However, should my dog(s) suffer from fleas, lice or other infestations I agree to K9 Home Boarding treating my dog(s) accordingly and I will meet the full costs when supplied with a receipt for treatment from K9 Home Boarding.

5.- If it is deemed necessary that my dog should be transferred to kennels I agree to this and I also agree to pay the full costs of the kennels and transfer fees.

6.- I will provide all food and medication for my dog. I agree to meet the full cost of all essential additional food and medication purchased for my dog by the Home Boarder looking after him/her or K9 Home Boarding, (substantiated by receipts).

7.- I have full insurance cover (including third party liability) for my dog and this is valid for the duration of my absence, the details are provided on the initial information form. 

8.- My dog(s) routine (annual) vaccinations are up to date and full details will be provided to K9 Home Boarding. Any additional and/or alternative information is provided on my Supplementary information form.

9.- I confirm that I am the legal owner of the dog.

10.- I accept full liability at all times for the behaviour and the consequences of the behaviour of my dog.

11.- I accept there may be a surcharge if I am more one hour late to collect my dog from the member.

K9 Home Boarding cannot accept bookings for bitches that are expected to be in season during the term of the booking.

We have a network of Home Boarders across Sussex; our carers are experienced and former dog owners and/or previous carers who offer a home to dogs while you are away and 24-hour care that includes access to their home, an exercise and feeding routine that follows your own whenever possible, care and medical attention if needed (we provide necessary backup where and whenever possible) and your dog(s) also get lots of love and 1-2-1 attention from our carers (something that even the best organised kennels cannot do).

Our Home Boarders willingly open their homes to your dog(s) because they love having dogs to talk to, fuss and exercise – but they also have lives of their own and none of our Home Boarders are available 365 days a year – so please book as far ahead as possible.

Some of our regular clients have booked with K9 Home Boarding many times before and some owners book up to a year in advance to secure the services of their favourite carer  Although it’s inevitable that from time to time a Home Boarder will not be able to look after dogs any longer we continue to recruit additional Home Boarders to cover our expanding business but sometimes we still don’t have enough Home Boarders to be able to provide holiday homes for all spring, summer and autumn bookings – particularly between late May and early October.  We’re aware that from time to time some dog owners have contacted Home Boarders directly in an attempt to make a booking and/or to express frustration because their favourite or preferred Home Boarder is not available. But to avoid (whenever possible) future disappointments we ask you to adhere to our procedures.

Please note that all bookings must be paid for prior to the start date otherwise we regret that your dog/s will not be accepted for boarding.



  • Please book as far ahead as possible during the spring, summer and autumn months. If possible please ensure your dog(s) dogs are booked in before confirming your holiday dates.
  • Always book through K9 Home Boarding. By doing so you, your dog(s) and our Home Boarders will be covered by our indemnity insurance. When you book through K9 Home Boarding you’ll avoid unnecessary disappointment and we’ll ensure there will not be duplicate bookings.
  • Even if you’ve booked with us before, if your regular or previous Home Boarder is not available a visit must be arranged with a prospective new Home Boarder as soon as possible because a booking cannot be confirmed until the visit has been completed.
  • If you’re unhappy with the service you’ve received please contact us and we’ll try to resolve the problem or problems - we want to retain your business and if necessary we’ll take issues to our Home Boarders on your behalf.
  • From our experience the most important thing for dogs is to know they’re loved and well looked after. Most dogs don’t seem to mind where they are as long as they’re safe, secure, loved and have regular or ongoing contact with people.
  • If you like the overview of our service, the service K9 Home Boarding provide to dog owners and if you expect to use us in future it might be a good idea to use and/or meet more than one Home Boarder.
  • Perhaps during the quieter periods of the year or if you’re planning a short trip try using a different Home Boarder to your usual one.  That way if your usual Home Boarder isn’t available during our busier periods, we might be able to offer you another Home Boarder you’ve used without you having to worry about a visit.



With specific reference to clauses 1, 2, 3 and 7 above we would like to point out the following:

K9 Home Boarding have Employer Liability and Third Party Insurance BUT this does not cover damage in a Home Boarder's house.  If your dog(s) were to attack a third party our insurance is likely to cover the costs. If your dog(s) slips their lead/harness and causes a Road Traffic accident our insurance may well cover the cost but our insurance does not cover the cost of damage they cause to our carer’s homes. Home Boarders will take steps to avoid damage from enthusiastically wagging tails for example but if your dog decides to chew up their new leather three piece suite the damage cannot be recovered by our insurance We respectfully suggest you check your dog(s) insurance cover before signing below.

We can’t guarantee against future booking disappointments from time to time - but we’ll try to avoid unnecessary problems and/or find a solution if we have sufficient notice. The care and welfare of your dog(s) is of paramount importance to us so please contact us directly if you’d like to discuss any aspect of our business and/or make suggestions of how we might be able to improve it.


Call our Head Office on 01903 232822

K9 Home Boarding - The affordable alternative to kennels E: info@dogboardingsussex.co.uk